Welcome to the Hamma entertainment network (or the HEN).

So you’ve stumbled across my little site! I guess I should introduce myself since you’ve come this far and want to know a little more about your humble author. My name is Matthew Gage and I’m a broadcast journalism graduate from Huddersfield university. I’m a father to a daughter and step dad to two boys.

After a couple of years looking for a job in the industry and getting bored of my retail job, I decided that I would start writing for myself about the things I’m really passionate about; gaming, movies and music. Hence we find ourselves here.

I have a lot of hopes for this site and I look forward to the challenge of building it up and taking my first tentative steps into a writing career. I hope you stick around to see what happens and join me on this journey.

Eventually there will be a YouTube channel to accompany this site so look forward to that.

For now you can follow me on twitter at either @thehenonline or @mgage87

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