Why more people should try tanking!

MMO’s need more tanks, who’ll answer the call!?

Ok so the title is a little dramatic, but anyone who plays Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) will understand. So I’m going to try and make a case as to why tanking is the most fun you can have with your thick armour on!

What is a tank?

Claile Hena my tank
My FFXIV WAR tank Claile

So I’m going to start this as if I’m talking to someone who’s never played an MMO before. (Maybe you haven’t, in which case prepare to learn something). Tanks in MMO’s are stalwart defenders of your party. Their job is make sure that the rest of the party aren’t taking damage from the various dangers you’ll find in an MMO dungeon or raid. To do this they make sure the focus is on them all the time. Their use of heavier, thicker armour along with their amazing stamina allow them to take more punishment. 

What puts people off tanking?

There’s a lot of reasons why alot of people are put off from playing tanks. Tanking can be a very difficult and sometimes demanding job. During raids a lot of things can happen at once. It carries a lot of responsibility with it and most of the time you will be expected to lead the party. That coupled with the anxiety that can come from feeling like you’re going to be blamed when things go wrong. You really need to develop a thick skin to play the role. These are just a few reasons and obviously it’s different for every individual. Let’s look at the reasons why you should give tanking a go!

So why should you give tanking a go?

  • Tanking can be very rewarding when things go right. It’s a great feeling having defeated a boss encounter and managed all the mechanics while keeping the bosses attention.
  • It’s pretty badass that your main job in the game is to run up to huge monsters with nothing but a sword and shield, or a mighty axe and cuss him out into attacking you! Then sit laughing while he wails on you.
  • You’re the one in control of the battle. The enemies attention is all focused on you, so positioning is very important to most encounters, all other jobs are just along for the ride.
  • You’re really a closet masochist…
  • You’re not a squishy mage so you can get away sometimes with not doing a mechanic by accident (Just don’t make a habit of it).
  • Those insta-queue’s are pretty awesome!
  • You either look like a smart soldier/knight or a bezerking badass!

Badass Claile

So these are just a few reasons as to why you should play as a tank. In general tanking is fun and not always about salty parties and people throwing blame around. If you take the time to learn the role you’ll make a valuable asset to any team. We always need more tanks in MMO’s, DPS are a dime a dozen and anyone can do it. Tanking requires you to play to the best of your abilities in a lot of situations.


Tell me in the comments what made you choose the life of a tank and why you’d recommend is to others starting in the world of MMO’s

Special thanks to everyone on the Final Fantasy XIV facebook page for letting me know why they enjoy playing a tank!

5 thoughts on “Why more people should try tanking!

  1. FFXIV was my very first and only
    MMORPG so far. To be honest I did
    not know I was becoming a tank.
    The main reason I chose to be a
    gladiator was because I wanted a
    sword and shield. That is how I
    became a tank and chose my main
    class im FFXIV

  2. FFXIV is the first MMO I’ve played for
    more than a couple of weeks and the first
    that I’ve done much party content with
    (those two things are closely related in
    both directions). I started out as a healer
    main (White Mage, specifically), and still
    consider myself such, but I had
    considered my secondary job to be dps
    (Black Mage, for symmetry). I was scared
    to tank. Really scared.

    I had heard of the toxicity of online games,
    and knew the tank was often one to take
    the brunt of that toxicity. Though I hadn’t
    encountered it much in felt I was still
    scared it would show up if I tried, and
    inevitably failed at tanking.

    Then one day I was in Sastasha, leveling
    archer, when our tank disconnected. I
    knew it would be unlikely and get another
    without recruiting from my FC, but the
    tanks I knew at the time were offline or
    doing other duties. I figured, “why not just
    try it with the three of us. I’ll hold aggro as
    best I can and more to stay alive. What
    could it hurt just on this next room?” (That
    was the first boss room iirc.)

    I proposed my crazy idea to the party and
    they agreed. It went fine (obviously, it was
    Sastasha), and I didn’t even need to kite!
    That room down we moved to the next
    pull, and the next, and all the way to the
    boss which we beat handily (I think we
    had a hiccup in the room just before when
    I pulled too much at once).

    That was the moment I realized that I
    could do this. I already knew the dungeon
    mechanics of every dungeon in Eorzea, I
    had beat the ex mode primals as a healer.
    I’m the damned Warrior of Light, of
    course I could do it! That was the day I
    picked up an axe.

    I still consider White Mage my primary,
    but Warrior is a close second now and I
    always level/gear out right behind WHM.

  3. I’ve always been a dps type player and as
    of late I got into healing. I’ve really
    enjoyed both but wanted to try a tank.
    However it was very difficult to play and
    keep it together with everyone yelling and
    getting pissed off at you. I truly never
    wanted to play a game where I would feel
    stress from other players. There are
    times I never try dungeon just because I
    know I’m not good enough. Howe ever
    there are times I do. I’m still new and
    learning but I belive a tank will help me
    with my shyness and fear. I want to be
    more a leader too. So that’s why I play

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