Final fantasy themed pizzas are a thing…

Final Fantasy themed pizzas are a thing…

If you live in Australia or New Zealand!

Square Enix announced this week that Final Fantasy XIV has reached 10 million subscribers! to celebrate this achievement they have teamed up with Domino’s in Australia and New Zealand (Lucky them).

The FFXIV inspired pizzas come in five different pizzas;

Stormblood Supreme









Heavensward Hawaiian








Chocobo Chow








Moogle’s Meatlovers









Curious Cactuar









Domino’s have also launched a bundle deal alongside the pizzas, for $50 dollars you get three regular pizzas, garlic bread and a 1.25 ltr bottle of coke. Dominos are also giving you the chance to win a copy of the complete edition of the game. This addition of the game contains Final fantasy XIV: a realm reborn and it’s two expansion packs, Heavensward and the newly released Stormblood, seems like a pretty good deal to me. If anyone would like to send me one (I don’t care if it’s cold because cold pizza is the best) I’d love you forever!

Final fantasy XIV first launched in 2010 and was concidered a flop. This didn’t deter Square-Enix who decided to make the unprecidented decision of completely rebuilding the game from the ground up, a decision that paid dividends as the game relaunched to critical success. You can get a free 30 day trial at their website


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