No ‘Violent’ games for Olympics eSports consideration

Olympic committee to exclude violent games

The International Olympic Committee have been considering entering eSports as one of the events at the 2024 Olympic games in Paris. Committee president Thomas Bach has expressed that he has reservations about including games that promote violence.

Talking to the South China Morning Post  the explained that he is more in favour of competitive games that are based aroOlympics will not feature violent video gamesund playing football than video games that are all about killing. This means that a lot of popular eSports games won’t be used, which to me seems to remove most eSports games from being used. Games such as Counter Strike and League of Legends won’t be up for consideration.


The popularity of eSports has sky rocketed in recent years with millions of people tuning into watch, usually on twitch and other streaming sites. 

eSports have gained a place in the 2022 Asian games in Hangzhou. It has also been recognised as a legitimate form of competition, which gives us high hopes of getting some gaming action at the olympics, even if it’s just a huge FIFA game… or a punch out tournament.

To see the original report here’s the link


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