Queen 40th anniversary reissue of ‘News of the World’

Reissue contains 3 CD’s/1 DVD/ 1 LP

Classic rock band Queen will release a reissue of their 1977 album ‘News of the World’. The album released on the 17th November is 40 years and 3 weeks after it originally released. The album will contain the original remastered album with two disks full of bonus tracks complete with the ‘Raw Sessions’.

“Mined deep from long-vaulted studio multi-track tapes, this extraordinary parallel album brings to light

never-before-heard alternative versions of each of the album’s 11 tracks,”  “Every lead vocal is different, as are most of the lead guitar parts and a great many other instrumental details.” The band said in a statement about the release of the album.

Queen 'News of the world' reissue
The reissue contains the original album plus bonus content
















The third list contains hard to find previously released tracks. “a feast of previously released but hard-to-find versions of News of the World tracks recorded in concert, for radio shows, or in alternate mixes. Included is the band’s entire five-song final live session recorded for BBC Radio in October 1977, seven live performances of NOTW songs, plus rare backing tracks and instrumentals.”

The DVD contains the new hour long documentary Queen: The American Dream showing never-before-seen footage of the bands 1977 U.S. tour, showing both onstage and off stage.

Family guy fans will recognise this album as the one that Stewie freaks out about in one the episodes after Brian unearths it from the attic and uses it to torture Stewie.

Don’t forget to check out the Queen website for more information and to get your pre-order in for this beast of an album  

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